New Additions to the 2012 Schedule

I’m thinking of adding a few more 200Ks to this season (RUSA, not ACP certified). What about these?

  • June 16 (Sat.): Ultimate ULCER. A 200K that starts in Nephi and makes a loop around Utah Lake. This route has little climbing. It is the exact same route as the last third of the 600K, so theoretically, with careful scheduling, you could ride with the 600Ks folks as they finish up.
  • August 11 (Sat.): Gnarly Nebo. A new 200K brevet (tentative) with lots of climbing over the Nebo Loop, plus an out and back up Hobble Creek Canyon.
  • Sept. 29th or October 13 (Sat.): Moab Double Whammy 200K (tentative)

Give me your thoughts. No feedback, no scheduling!

~ Richard

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  1. Hello, thought it time that I should touch base and let you know how excited I am to see a rando group in Utah. I am spending this spring and summer getting back into cycling condition after about a 10 year layoff. I an interested in doing some Brevets, and a SR series, but I am not in condition to complete one currently. Offering these later season 200k’s will be helpful. I hope to complete some of the listed permanent’s, and maybe some of the later 200k’s. Thanks for putting this rando group together.
    Kim Kindlespire
    Pleasant Grove, Ut.

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