Raspberry Ramble (300/400/600km)

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This area is noted for it’s near-ideal raspberry-growing climate and “world famous raspberry shakes,” hence the name: “Raspberry Ramble.”
It is sometimes called Bear Lake brevets, as the routes make a loop around this aqua-colored natural lake, also known as the “Caribbean Of The Rockies.”

2024 Raspberry Ramble 300 — RWGPS Link — 301km Brevet

~ 301 km (~ 187 miles) with 8,436 feet of gain. (NOT an easy 300!…one rider’s GPS showed over 10,000′ of vert!)
ACP-sanctioned time limit: 20 hours, or finish by 01:00 the following morning, assuming a 5:00 a.m. start.
RUSA route # 1398.

2024 Raspberry Ramble 400 — RWGPS Link — 400km Brevet

~ 400 km (~ 248 miles) with 8,654 feet of gain.
ACP-sanctioned time limit: 27 hours or, or finish by 8:00 a.m. the following morning, assuming a 5:00 a.m. start.
RUSA route # 1399.

2024 Raspberry Ramble 600 — RWGPS Link — 600km Brevet

~ 601 km (373 miles) with 12,760 feet of gain.
ACP-sanctioned time limit: 40 hours or finish by 9:00 p.m. the following evening, assuming a 5:00 a.m. start.
RUSA route # 2627.

The check-in is at 04:30 with a prompt departure at 05:00. The check-in closes five minutes before the start. There will be some brief announcements right beforehand. If you did not pre-register, please come 30 minutes early and pay with a check (or exact change in cash). These events will be held rain or shine. GPS tracks will be accepted as electronic proof of passage.

Introduction This 600K is a classic northern Utah route with interesting history, geology, and varied scenery. All three routes begin in Logan, located in northern Utah. We first tackle the biggest climb of the brevet,  heading up Logan Canyon, which tops out at 7,810 feet — it is the high point of all three brevets. We start at 5 a.m. to avoid the notorious Bear Lake “boat traffic” (pickups hauling ski or fishing boats). Come prepared for a cold climb up Logan Canyon (temps often mid 30s) and then a descent into the Bear Lake Valley. We then make a loop around scenic Bear Lake and share the same route for the first 87 miles after which the the 300K riders split from the rest. They head up and over Strawberry Canyon (be advised to bring a 3rd water bottle or hydration pack on this section). The others head north to rural Soda Springs before returning to Logan. The 400K and 600K brevets are identical for the first 206 miles, at which point the 400K riders split off and the 600K folks get a sleep break before making the final ~150-mile loop in Cache Valley. The 400K and 600K routes have several short gravel sections between miles 147 and 149. These sections are smooth hardpacked gravel, suitable for road bikes but please slow down and exercise caution during the gravel sections.

Start & Finish Location (make your own reservation) Super 8 at 865 Main St, Logan, UT 84321. There is also a La Quinta next door, or a Springhill Suites a few blocks north of the start hotel.

Logan Services (from the north end first)

  • Kneaders Bakery & Cafe, 1675 Main St. Great sandwiches and desserts.
  • Cafe Rio, 1460 Main St. Semi-fast mex food. Open til 10 p.m.
  • Chick-fil-A, 1323 Main St, open til 10:00 p.m.
  • Rancherito’s Mexican Food, 1147 Main St, open 24 hours
  • McDonalds, 810 Main St, open 5AM-12AM
  • Dennys,  1007 Main St, open 24 hours
  • The Crêpery, 25 W Center St, crepes & coffee shop
  • The Beehive Pub & Grill, 255 S Main St
  • Wendy’s, 895 S Main St, next to the Super 8, open 6:30 a.m.-midnight
  • McDonalds, 1035 S US-89, near the Super 8, open 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.
  • Note that all Maverik c-stores are open 24/7
  • + Taco Bell, Arby’s & Carl’s Jr, nearby the Super 8.

Cue Sheet A detailed cue sheet and brevet card will be provided at check in if requested. If you wish to preview the cue sheet, a PDF version can be e-mailed to you upon request, or one will be sent out to everyone on the Google E-Mail Group, about a week before the event date.

Registration If possible, please register three days in advance so we have time to prepare the personalized brevet cards and cue sheets.

If you register for the 600km brevet, but end up abandoning at the overnight stop, you will not be credited for finishing the 400K. Instead you will receive a DNF.

Support This will be a self-supported brevet. That means you will be getting your supply of fluids and extra food at convenience stores or cafes along the route. Typically, the RBA will be riding with the group as a participant. Self-sufficiency is a must (bringing extra parts including a spare tire is recommended). There is no SAG, so you will be well advised to have a person to call in case you DNF and cannot ride home. If you do have a family member or friend that can provide limited SAG, or at least, be on call for a rescue, that would be greatly appreciated. Please note that from mile 130 to 175 (400 & 600K routes) is usually done at night and has zero services in a remote, rural area with little lighting in the small townships you pass through. On the other, the first part of this section is very beautiful, especially if you happen to get there before sunset.

Warning Depending on the month that this brevet series is offered (July is of course worse than June), the last 200km of the 600K can have very hot temps, sometimes in the mid to lower 90s. Rider beware! Some riders have chosen to just ride straight through rather than take a sleep break because of this. Logan Canyon can also have temperatures below freezing in the early morning hours, so dress warm.

If you have to abandon the brevet, please call or text me, so I don’t wait for you at the finish.

Sanctioning See our “What is a Brevet?” page for more information on sanctioning.

Lighting This route requires lighting. That includes a front light, a rear tail red light, a reflective vest or sash and reflective ankle bands. Be advised to bring back ups for each light too. There will be an inspection at the start line to insure you have everything (if you arrive at the finish after dark without appropriate lighting and clothing you will be DQed— see our rules page for more info on this topic).

Sun Data (June 10) Begin civil twilight 5:18 a.m., Sunrise 5:52 a.m., Sunset 9:00 p.m., End civil twilight 9:35 p.m.

Reminders This is primarily a self-supported event, so bring cash for stops at various convenience stores. Also have a pen in your bag in case the route requires answering an “Information Checkpoint.”

Brevet Validation For electronic validation, please send the RBA (rba@SaltLakeRandos.org) a link to your GPS log (strava, rwgps, garmin, etc) soon after the ride. For traditional paper validation, please turn in your brevet card at the end of the ride, or send a photo of your completed card soon after the ride. Results cannot be posted to RUSA until everybody has reported their results (even if DNF), so please report as soon as possible as a courtesy to other riders.

Why a Friday Start? This is to allow cyclists to participate in such an event, without running into a “sabbath day observance” conflict. We are conforming with the logic of most of the ultrarunning events in Utah and Idaho, which have switched over from a Saturday-Sunday schedule to a Friday-Saturday schedule. This is to allow the majority population in Utah, which are of the Latter-day Saint faith, to not feel compelled to participate in sporting events on Sunday.

Contact:  rba@SaltLakeRandos.org

If You Are Late Please call me so I can arrange to leave you a cue sheet and brevet card. You can start up to an hour after the official start time, but subsequent checkpoint cut-off times will remain the same, as if you had started with everyone else. If you know in advance, or wake up Friday morning and decide not to ride, please let me know so I won’t worry about you at the start.

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