About Us

Salt Lake Randonneurs is a regional chapter of the national organization Randonneurs USA. RUSA is part of an international cycling group that does long distance, unsupported (or minimally supported) road bicycling events. This type of cycling is called randonneuring (rahn doe near ing); some of our members are also associated with UltraCycling.com. We started in the spring in 2011 and were originally co-sponsored (for insurance purposes) by Bonneville Cycling Club (BCC), which is the largest cycling club in Utah. Today, RUSA covers our insurance, so we are no longer officially affiliated with BCC, but we still do some co-op events together on the same days. Membership in the national club RUSA is required to participate with Salt Lake Randonneurs. We do not have a membership plan locally. Even though the majority of our events are self-supported, we ask for a nominal registration fee to cover our administration costs (usually $5 or $10 per). Multi-day, semi-supported events, like 1000K brevets, cost more, but those events are rare. Our expenses include maintenance & hosting of this website, driving expenses in route research and postage for returning brevet cards at the end of each season.

A brevet or permanent is a timed, long distance road cycling event. Brevet means certificate which refers to the card carried by randonneurs which gets stamped or signed at checkpoints along the way. It is also used to refer to the event itself, that is, a certificated ride. A brevet (bruh vay) is not a race, although riders seek to improve their personal best times. For many, the goal is simply to finish and to go farther than they have before. More information on brevets is found on this page.

As a volunteer, I manage this region and have the title of Regional Brevet Administrator. I design the routes, create the maps and cue sheet (formatting cue sheets takes hours). On most brevets, I ride with the group instead of providing support as our group is so little that we have such a small volunteer base.

All our brevet routes are pre-approved from the national organization. You can view all of these routes at one location by adding Salt Lake Randonneurs Group (not club) to your Ride with GPS account on a PC (does not work on their mobile app).

Ken Moss
Regional Brevet Administrator
Bountiful, Utah (just north  of Salt Lake City)
E-mail Me ( rba @ SaltLakeRandos . org )
Mobile: 801-833-2782