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The Regional Brevet Administrator (RBA)

In the randonneuring world, the RBA is like a regional club president. Effective October of 2021, Ken Moss (of Bountiful) took over from Richard Stum, as the region’s second RBA. Ken’s email address is and Ken’s mobile number is 801-833-2782.

Google E-Mail List

We have a Google e-mail list or forum called the Utah Randonneuring Group. We set it up as “Utah Randos” and not Salt Lake Randos, because there were two regions in Utah, Salt Lake Randonneurs and  Southern Utah Brevet Club. The Southern club is now defunct, however they were the original RUSA region in Utah. To post to this group, send an e-mail to (messages are moderated for non-subscribers, so there may be a delay if you are not a member).
To unsubscribe from this group, send an e-mail to
For more options, including subscribing, visit this page.


The primary purpose of our Facebook page is for posting photos of events and sharing notes on training and gear. We ask that you try to post during rides so family and friends can see your progress. is the link (or @SaltLakeRandos), so please go there, “like” or “follow” so you can stay in touch. (In 2014 we started a Facebook “group” which was later closed as it required membership in that Facebook group to view. In 2017 we switched to a regular Facebook “page” instead so anyone, especially family members, can view our posts.)


In September of 2019 we started a GroupMe texting group. To join, use this link. It works on a PC or on mobile devices.


All our routes are pre-approved by the national organization. You can view all of these routes at one location by adding Salt Lake Randonneurs Group (not a “club”) to your Ride with GPS account on a PC (does not work on their mobile app) or, on this site, hover over the tab “Brevet Routes” and select an area of the state.

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  1. Would like to join & ride. Have conflicts with the March & April 2021 events. Looking for nearby states.

    1. Check out the lower right corner of our homepage for links to nearby states. Good luck!

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