Red Rock Randonnée (600/1000km)


Bryce Canyon

New Effective 2021
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Start Date: Thursday, June 3, 2021
Start & Finish Location: Kanab, Utah
Start Time: 02:30
Time Limit: 1000K: 75 hours, or finish by 05:30 on Sunday. 600K: 40 hours, or finish by Friday at 18:30 (6:30 p.m.).
Mandatory equipment inspection & final registration:
16:00–17:30 hours (4–5:30 p.m.) at our host motel TBA (La Quinta) on Wednesday the 2nd.
Registration: $60 for the 1000K
1000K Prerequisites: a 400K (or longer) in 2015, a 1000K or 1200K in 2014, or RBA approval.
Support: Very limited. The RBA (Richard) will be providing “roving support” during each day. Because of the lack of services on day one and day three, he will provide a fixed aid station or a hidden water drop at a few key locations. There are no 24-7 services in Panguitch. The c-store with the longest hours will be open until 10 or 11 p.m. We will have some limited emergency “overnight” food supplies (MRE or mac & cheese?) for those that might arrive later. There are several 24-hour services in Kanab however.

We last ran this event in 2015. For 2021, we have tweaked the route (we omitted an out and back to Coral Pink Sand Dunes as it was at night anyway), otherwise the format is similar to 2015.

These routes cover varied terrain in both Utah and Arizona entering into three incredible national parks, a national monument and a state park. The routes have been designed so that each day you will visit at least one national park. The main scenic part of each day is in the morning or mid-day, so you don’t miss out on the killer vista views by arriving during the evening hours. This route primarily travels on highways and not quiet country roads (unlike many of our routes in the northern part of the state).

The cue sheet has detailed information on services including the store hours of most c-stores. It also has notes about water spigots at many c-stores, public highway rest stop locations in or near these remote towns — this is because riding a self-supported 1000 or usually involves traveling at off hours when many services are closed.

Stages We recommend you ride it in the designed stages to you don’t miss the killer scenery and, and also so we can provide “reasonable roving support” during the long service-less sections.

400 vs. 600 vs. 1000K Routes The 600 km option, will start at the same time and shares exactly the same route as the 1000K up through the morning of the second day.

1000 km ACP Brevet

Prerequisites for this event are a 400K (or longer) in 2015, a 1000K or 1200K in 2014, or RBA approval. RUSA route # 1706.

2021 Route Map

1000K Route Stats 1001 km (622 miles) with 29,120 feet of cumulative elevation gain (100% of the Ride with GPS figure). The starting elevation is 4,915 feet. The highest elevation gained is 8,839 feet on day three (regretfully, not on day one or two). Total time limit: 75 hours or by 05:30 on Thursday morning.

Day One takes in 241 miles (387 km) with approx. 11,000 ft of climbing. It starts in Kanab and goes to the small town of Panguitch for an overnight stop. We are starting early on this day, to hopefully avoid most of the traffic found just west of Colorado City in Utah (mile 50), where there is no shoulder for some 20 miles. This day includes going all the way to the end of the Zion National Park canyon. It’s 2,000 foot vertical walls are most impressive. We then make a stop to the Parowan Gap, a BLM site with petroglyphs. There are two 2,000-foot climbs. This part of the route involves some 10 miles of interstate travel, which is broken up into small sections, as we travel north to Cedar City. The day ends in Panguitch where there are no 24/7 services, however there is one or two c-stores that open until 11 p.m. If you believe you will be arriving after that hour, please let Richard (RBA) know so he can have contingency food plans for you.
Day Two travels 220 miles (354 km) with 6,100 ft of climbing. It begins in Panguitch and ends up in Kanab. It includes Bryce Canyon National Park early in the day. You will enter Bryce Canyon at mile 20 for the day, after a long climb. It sits at over 7,600 feet and can be VERY cold in the wee hours of the morning— dress accordingly. You don’t want to leave Panguitch too early, otherwise you will be there in the dark and miss downwards views of this fabulous park — yet on the other hand, you don’t want leave too late (i.e. later than 6 or 7 a.m.) or you may be pushing the cut off times later in the day. We recommend a start between 2 and 4 a.m.
Day Three travels 160 miles (258 km) with 8,297 ft of climbing (one single climb is 4,200 feet). It is an out and back trip from Kanab, traveling to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. If you wish to shorten this segment, there is a motel towards the end of the big climb to Jacob Lake, which is some 36 miles into this segment. You could move your overnight to that point, instead of staying in Kanab, so the last day has less climbing. But then day two would of course be even longer & you would be responsible for shuttling your gear to this motel.

600 km ACP Brevet

RUSA brevet route # 1692

2021 Route Map

600K Route Stats 378 miles long (608 km) and has approx. 18,292 feet of climbing (100% RWGPS formula). Total time limit: 40 hours, by 18:30 (6:30 p.m.) Tuesday evening.

Day One starts in Kanab with the overnight stop in Panguitch. It travels 241 miles (387 km) with approx. 11,100 ft of climbing and includes Zion National Park & a stop to Parowan Gap, a BLM site with petroglyphs. It involves some 10 miles of interstate travel, which is broken up into small sections, as we travel north to Cedar City. Both the 600K and 1000K riders share the same route on this day and can ride together.
Day Two travels 137 miles (221 km) with approx. 6,300 ft of climbing. Bryce Canyon is early on this segment (after a long climb), so you don’t want to leave too early, otherwise you will be there in the dark — yet on the other hand, you don’t want leave too late (i.e. later than 6 or 7 a.m.) or you may be pushing the cut off time to finish the ride. We recommend a start on this day between 3 and 5 a.m.

Overnight Accommodations

2021 Kanab Motel: The original plan was to use either the Day’s Inn or the Parry Lodge (which we used in 2015) as our host motel, but in January of 2021, I was surprised to find that the Day’s Inn was already full for the Wednesday night before the brevet starts. So I personally ended up going with the slightly more expensive La Quinta Inn for Wed. night and then the Day’s Inn for the rest of the nights in Kanab.
(In 2015, we pre-booked a batch of rooms at the historic Parry Lodge, but due to COVID, they shut down during the off season with nobody answering their phones and as of May of 2021 they are closed for the season or indefinitely).
~ Richard

We will not be providing overnight accommodations or food. You must book your own room & source out your own meals.
If you wish to share a room (not advisable with others outside your household in 2021, due to COVID-19),
we recommend you post a note on our Google Group e-mail list or on our Facebook page.

Kanab It is in the southern-most part of Utah, near the Arizona border. It is noted as the location where many Hollywood western movies were shot in the 50s and 60s, hence the nickname “Little Hollywood.” There are many motels here, including some of the less expensive options listed below (some of which close in the off season).
Included in your brevet registration fee will be some meals provided by The Parry Lodge (coffee shop). See Meal Options below.

  • La Quinta, 465 South 100 East, Kanab, 435-412‑6670. $120-150+
  • Day’s Inn, 296 W 100 N, tel 435-644-2562. $80-$130/night
  • Aikens Lodge at 79 West Center St, tel 435-644-2625 or 1-877-644-2105. This one is very close to the cue sheet start & has perhaps the best rates, but has no in-room coffee makers or microwaves! They do have a “family style” suite with several bedrooms & one bathroom for big savings. $65-$90/night.
  • Redrock Country Inn, 330 S 100 E, tel 435-644-8774 (phone hours, 3pm-11pm). This is very close to the only 24/7 c-store in town. $70-$90/night.
  • Royal Inn & Suites, 386 E 300 S. Mixed reviews but very inexpensive. $44-60/night.
  • Sun ’n Sand Motel, 347 S 100 E, tel 435-644-5050. Kinda run down, but less expensive central location. Next to the only 24/7 c-store.
  • Canyons Lodge, 236 N 300 N, tel 435-644-3069. $95-150/night. Rustic, warm-looking rooms.
  • Best Western Red Hills, 125 W Center St, tel 435-644-2675. $130-$200/night
  • Holiday Inn Express, 217 S 100 E, tel 435-644-3100. $150-$190/night.
  • Other choices, further (east) from the center of town, include a Comfort Inn, $110-$190/night.
  • Parry Lodge, (our designated “Host Motel” in 2015…seems to be closed for 2021), 89 East Center St, Kanab UT 84741. Tel 1-877-386-4383 or local 435-644-2601. Old movie theme motel/hotel with an in-house restaurant. We have secured some rooms for Sunday, Tuesday & Wednesday nights for $80 a night (say “cycling” group). We may not have enough rooms here, so find a riding partner and share if possible. If they are sold out, then choose another below. This motel is about three blocks north of one of the two 24/7 c-stores in town.
    The “movie” rooms are in the historic section of the hotel built in the 20s and 30s and many of the movie stars stayed in these rooms; they are smaller and the furnishing are reminiscent of the period and this is where the rooms with one queen bed and some special rooms are located.  The “pool” rooms are bungalows with one queen and a jacuzzi or claw foot tub and are located near the pool and have a courtyard in the middle. They also have rooms in the “2-story” or newly remodeled “L-Shaped” part of this facility. They have plenty of on-site parking there, so you can leave your car there while traveling to the overnight in Panguitch.


  • Our Designated HubHenrie’s Hideout, this is a vacation home right behind the Henrie’s Drive Inn at 166 N Main St. I have reserved this location so you can eat your supper & breakfast there if desired. Across the street is KB Express, a c-store that should be open from about 04:30-23:00.
  • A Nearby Motel — Canyon Lodge Motel, 210 N Main St, Panguitch, UT 84759, tel 1-800-440-8292.
  • If the Canyon Lodge is filled up, then we recommend another motel nearby, Blue Pine Motel, 130 N Main St, tel 435-676-8197 or online.
  • Others that are further away, include:
  • New Western Motel, 180 E Center St, tel 435-676-8876.
  • Purple Sage Motel, 132 E Center St, tel 1-800-241-6889 or 435-676-2659.
  • Panguitch Inn, 50 N Main St, tel 435-676-8871.

Panguitch Drop Bag Service
Our “Day 1” support driver will provide drop bag service both ways…so you do NOT need to mail your goods in.


This will be a self-supported brevet & travels in very remote area of Utah & Arizona with few services. This means you will need to get your supply of fluids and extra food at convenience stores or cafes along the route. There is no or very limited SAG. In the event of any catastrophic problems, we recommend that you have a back up plan.

Meal Options

  • During the day, you will be responsible for your own food & fluids. Bring cash and/or credit cards to pay your way. Most likely, there will be no supported aid stations. Our roving support (the RBA in 2021), we plan to offer water drop aid stations (& light snacks) on the climb on SR-20 on day one, and on the climb up to the Jacob Lake (on the way to the Grand Canyon) on day three.
  • Overnight Stops
    – Panguitch
    The RBA will be staying at Henrie’s Hideout, which is a vacation home right behind the Henrie’s Drive Inn at 166 N Main St. This is across the street from the Canyon Lodge. No supper will be provided. You will need to source out your meals there. The RBA will have some emergency supper goods (MRE?), should someone arrive after the c-stores are closed.
    Panguitch, Tuesday Morning  We will provide a simple breakfast like bagels, instant oatmeal, bananas etc. at Henrie’s Hideout. If you want something “heavier,” like a breakfast burrito, we suggest you purchase that the prior evening and stow it in your motel room.
    Kanab…you are on your own for meals there. There are no 24-hour restaurants in Kanab, only two 24/7 c-stores. Most of the fast-food places close at 10 or 11 p.m. McDonald’s closed at 22:00 or 23:00, and is located at 159 E 300 S. The best 24-hour c-store is a little off our route (on the east side of town on 300 South)—the 7-11/Wendy’s at 301 S Fairway Drive (tel 435-644-3488). It is open 24/7 and has more food choices than Silver Eagle. The Wendy’s lobby is open til 22:00 and the drive thru til midnight. Also available is the Silver Eagle c-store @ 289 S 100 E (centrally located), open 24/7, tel 435-644-5357. It is located at junction of the two main highways.

Etc., Etc., Etc.

Cue Sheet A detailed cue sheet and brevet card will be provided at check in. Do NOT rely on the online cue sheet as it may not be up to date. A PDF version can be provided in advance upon request.

Registration Preegistration is required so we have time to prepare the personalized brevet cards & cue sheets. You are responsible to make your own motel reservations—overnight accommodations are not included in the registration fee.

If you have to abandon the brevet, please call or text myself, or the support crew, IF we have such a person.

Reminders This is primarily a self-supported event, so bring cash for stops at various convenience stores and for entrance fees into the national parks. Also, please have a pen in your bag as this route requires answering several “Informational Checkpoint” questions. The entrance fee for the National Parks is $12 each (2014 rate) or $80 for an annual pass. Sometimes they let several cyclists through on one paid admission.

Recumbents We do not recommend 3-wheel recumbents on this route, due to the narrow shoulders in the national parks, especially in Bryce Canyon.

Lighting This route requires bicycle lighting. This includes a front light, a rear tail red light, a reflective vest or sash and reflective ankle bands. Be advised to bring back-ups for each light too. There will be an inspection at the start line to insure you have everything (if you arrive at the finish after dark without appropriate lighting and clothing you may be DQed— see our rules page for more info on this topic).

If You Are Late Please call me so I can arrange to leave you a cue sheet and brevet card. You can start up to an hour after the official start time, but subsequent checkpoint cut-off times will remain the same, as if you had started with everyone else. If you know in advance, or wake up in the morning and decide not to ride, please let me know so I won’t worry about you at the start.

Sun Data (approx.) Civil twilight/sunrise: 5:26/5:59 a.m. Sunset/civil twilight: 8:57/9:30 p.m.

Cue Sheet A detailed cue sheet and brevet card will be provided at check in. Do NOT rely on the online cue sheet as it may not be up to date. A PDF version can be provided in advance upon request.

Contact Richard Stum (Regional Brevet Administrator), office 435 – 462 – 2266, cell 435 – 851 – 9558 or

Wanna See More Photos? See my 2014 ride report of the 600K on my blog.

Sanctioning The brevets are ACP-sanctioned. 

Grand Canyon (south rim)


*Why the super-early start? At mile 50, the highway crosses into Utah and the shoulder with a rumble strip, diminishes down to nothing. Consequently, we want to get everyone through this section before the daytime traffic hits. Additionally, we would like to get everyone up to Cedar City, which is a higher elevation, and slightly “cooler” before the mid afternoon heat hits.

Isn’t a June route going to be too hot? Some have asked whether or not doing this even in June will be too hot in Southern Utah and Northern Arizona. The problem is that this route has drastic changes in elevation so riding at night at elevation must be factored in. The Rockwell Relay, a grueling race starting in Moab which travels west across Northern Arizona and Southern Utah, also starts during the second week of June. And they have been doing this event for a few seasons now, so I figure they have a handle on good dates. Also, Hoo Doo 500, another relay race in Southern Utah (solo entries accepted), used to run this event in early September, but due to brutal cold conditions at elevation in the middle of the night, they have moved it back into August too.

What about permits going into the national parks? Obtaining an official tour permit to enter a national park can be very expensive and problematic. The permits are primarily for groups that provide support inside the park boundary. We have no such plans, rather, we plan on doing what the Arizona and Southern Utah (now defunct) regions have done in the past, while entering national parks—that is to “fly under the radar.” You will be required to pay an entry fee for each park ($12 or an annual pass). Most of the checkpoints in the parks are Informational Checkpoints. There is one Receipt Checkpoint in the Grand Canyon (with an option for Informational, if arriving after hours). We recommend that you ask for a receipt and NOT obtain a signature—so as to not arouse any questions. If asked why there are several cyclists in the park, simply reply something like “we are a bunch of Facebook friends riding as individuals. This is not a race or a commercial tour.” We do not recommend volunteering information with any park official about what a brevet is and who RUSA is. Please keep it low key!

What type of roads will we be traveling on? Regretfully, this route primarily travels on highways and few few quiet country roads (unlike many of our routes in the northern part of the state). Except for the national parks, most of the highways do have a shoulder, but many of them now have rumble strips. We advise using a blinking tail light (1/2-watt or brighter) in day and night, and wearing light and bright-colored jerseys for better visibility. There are no grades over about 9 or 10% on this route, but there are several long, continuous climbs of several thousand feet. Also, there are long sections, up to 50 miles, between services. Bringing a third water bottle or a hydration pack is recommended.

Rider Limit Due to the travel in the National Parks without a permit, we plan to limit this brevet to 20 participants, but that has NEVER been a problem as we usually get only five to ten riders.

Refund Policy For the 1000K, we will refund all but $10 up until two weeks prior to the event, and then no refund thereafter.

Stats of Interest (other 1200Ks and their respective climbing…85% of the 2014 Ride with GPS stats):

Cascade (C1200): 32,862 ft. (1240 km)
Gold Rush (GRR): 31,581 ft.
Colo. High Country (CHC): 34,850 ft.
Boston-Montreal-Boston (BMP): 35,962 ft.
Endless Mountain (EM): 45,355 ft. (1240 km)
Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP): 35,140 ft.
Calif. Central Coast (3CR): 45,985 ft.

I have tried to reduce the vertical gain on this brevet, but I could not, without having to cut out a national park, leaving perhaps one day as just “another ride in Utah.”