Monte Cristo Dirt Randonnée Series (100/200km)

Monte Cristo Dirt Randonnée 100 — Ride with GPS Link — RUSA-sanctioned 101km Populaire
PREREGISTRATION IS MANDATORY (3-days in advance) — This event may be cancelled if fewer than three sign up.

101.0 km (62.7 miles) with 6,125 feet of accumulated climbing. Elevation range is from 5,547 to 8,529 ft. Longest distance between services: 62.7 miles. There are no services on this route. Time limit: 6:60. There are 49.7 miles of dirt road and 13 miles of paved roads on this route. RUSA route # 1959.

Monte Cristo Dirt Randonnée 200 — Ride with GPS Link — RUSA-sanctioned 204km Brevet
PREREGISTRATION IS MANDATORY (3-days in advance) — This event may be cancelled if fewer than three sign up.

204.2 km (126.9 miles) with 10,514 feet of accumulated climbing. Elevation range is from 5,547 to 8,529 ft. Longest distance between services: 53.6 miles with lots of dirt road climbing. Time limit: 13:36. There are 80 miles of dirt road and 46.9 miles of paved roads on this route. RUSA route # 1962.

Introduction These brevets travel on both paved and forest service dirt roads. There are no single track sections. There were conceived by randonneur Kenneth Samuel of B0untiful Utah. These two brevets follow the same route for the first 20 miles after which the routes separate.

These rides feature:

  • High Altitude Dirt Roads
  • Incredible Scenery
  • Plenty of climbing
  • 100k and 200k options

Kenneth’s website features a good Q & A about this series. Essentially, there will be little or no support and tons of climbing, so please do not attempt these rides unless you are prepared for long sections without water, are very fit for the extraordinary amount of climbing and are self-reliant in your travel plans.

Start Time Check in at 07:00, with a prompt group start at 7:30. There will be some short announcements right before the start. If the weather forecast has a high probability of rain, this event will be cancelled or possibly postponed instead.

Start & Finish Location Ant Fork Campground, which is 17.4 miles NE of Huntsville, Utah on SR-39 (also known as the Monte Cristo Hwy). Huntsville is 54 miles north of Salt Lake City, just east of Ogden.

Cue Sheet A detailed cue sheet and brevet card will be provided at check in. Do NOT rely on the online cue sheet as it may not be accurate. If you wish to preview the cue sheet, a PDF or Excel (or OpenOffice) version can be e-mailed to you upon request, or one will be sent out to everyone on the Google E-Mail Group, three or four days before the event date.

States This Route Enters Utah

Registration $5 for RUSA members (non-members, $10). If we have a support vehicle on route, you may be asked to “donate” $10 or $20 to cover snacks for riders and gas expenses. If you did not preregister, please come 30 minutes early and pay with a check (or exact change in cash). These events may be cancelled if their is a high probability of rain. Notifications will only be sent via our Google E-mail Group, so please join.

Support Probably none. Come prepared for long stretches without food and water. The 200K has two resupply points where food and water is available at a convenience store. The 100K has none! There is no cell coverage on large portions of these rides. Be prepared to deal with your own mechanical issues.

Because this route will have little or no support, we strongly recommend that you download our RWGPS file into your GPS. If you do not use a GPS, please consider one of the following smartphone apps which will allow you to “pre-load” the route as cell coverage is spotty in the mountains: My Trails for Android or MotionX-GPS for iPhone.

Registration Preegistration is required so we have time to prepare the personalized brevet cards & cue sheets.

If you have to abandon your ride, please call or text myself, or the support crew, IF we have such a person.

Reminders This is primarily a self-supported event, so bring cash for stops at various convenience stores.

Lighting This route shouldn’t require bicycle lighting, unless you end up running slow and exceeding the cut-off times. Lighting includes a front light, a rear tail red light, a reflective vest or sash and reflective ankle bands.

If You Are Late Please call or text me so I can arrange to leave you a cue sheet and brevet card. You can start up to an hour after the official start time, but subsequent checkpoint cut-off times will remain the same, as if you had started with everyone else. If you know in advance, or wake up in the morning and decide not to ride, please let me know so I won’t worry about you at the start.

Sun Data Apparent sunrise: 05:10, Apparent sunset: 19:57

Contact Richard Stum (Regional Brevet Administrator), office 435 – 462 – 2266, cell 435 – 851 – 9558 or

Sanctioning See our “What is a Brevet?” page for more information on sanctioning.