Zion 200k March 18

Escape the snow and join us for the Southern Utah season opener March 18. The weather forecast is for 60° in St George, so it should be great riding weather. Please join our email list for more details.

2023 Brevet Schedule

Our brevet calendar for 2023 will be: Date Ride Name Distances 3/18 Zion National Park 100k/200k 4/8 Antelope Island 200k 4/22 Willard Bay 100k/200k 5/6 Golden Spike 200k/300k 5/20 Utah Lake & 6 Valley Tour 200k/300k/400k 6/2 Yuba Res & Double/Triple Loop 200k/300k/400k/600k 6/16 Raspberry Ramble 300k/400k/600k 2023 is a PBP year; the schedule is

Wool Jersey Order

I have put together a wool jersey order from Soigneur, they did the design and I think it looks really classy, sketch shown below. We have met the minimum order, so this order will go thru. I wore a similar wool jersey for PBP last time and it still didn’t stink at the end so

SLR Jersey Order 2022

An order for SLR jerseys is now open. This is the same design and vendor we have used in the past. The order will close May 8 so please finalize your order by then. The jerseys should be delivered in time for Raspberry Ramble 6/10/22. Order at this link: http://custom2.champ-sys.com/teamstore/?SLR0426 Design:

2022 Brevet Schedule

Our ACP event calendar for 2022 will be: Date Ride Name Distances 4/16 Willard Bay 100k/200k 5/7 Wasatch Front/Antelope Island 200k/300k 5/21 Backroads of the Great Basin 300k/400k 6/10 Raspberry Ramble 300k/400k/600k 2022 SLR Ride Schedule

COVID-19 Precautions

2021 (March) Update: We are now open again with the following recommended precautions in play (exceptions would be regarding members of your own household): Avoid carpooling Don’t share hotel rooms (as is commonly done on these rides) Ride in small groups or solo (not a problem since we rarely get more than six or 10

2019 Schedule is Up

The 2019 randonneuring season is just around the corner. The big deal for 2019 is Paris Brest Paris, so a lot of riders around the world will be focused on qualifying and preparing to ride Paris in August. Here’s a preview of our rides for the season: Date Ride Distance (km) March 16 Zion /