Golden Spike (200/300km)

Current membership in Randonneurs USA is now required for all events. Please allow 48 hours to process a new membership. There is no local membership requirement however.

Introduction These routes head out to Golden Spike National Historic Park, after which they travel on many rural roads or highways in northern Utah. The 300K route also travels into southern Idaho & into Cache County (near Logan), going past Standing Rock Pass. The two routes start together and everyone travels together for the first 83 miles, and then the 200K riders split off. These are some of our flatter 200’s and 300’s which we offer. Every distance may not be offered each year.

2024 Golden Spike 200 — RWGPS Link — 201km Brevet

201 km (125 miles) with 2,520 feet of climbing. RUSA route # 2791. Time limit: 13:30 or finish by 8:00 p.m., assuming an 6:30 a.m. start.

2024 Golden Spike 300 — RWGPS Link — 306km Brevet

306 km (190 miles) with 5,884 feet of climbing. RUSA route # 2790. Time limit: 20:00 or finish by Sunday at 02:30AM, assuming an 6:30 a.m. start.

200K & 300K Start Time The check-in starts at 6:00 with a prompt departure at 6:30 a.m. The check-in closes five minutes before the start. There will be some brief announcements right beforehand.  This brevet will be held rain or shine, please come prepared to deal with the weather.

Proof of Passage: Either traditional paper proof-of-passage, or electronic proof-of-passage will be acceptable for SLR brevets. For paper, fill out your brevet card during the ride and turn it in at the end of the ride as usual. For electronic, please send a link to your gps track (strava, ridewithgps, garmin, etc) within 24 hours after the ride to If you plan to use electronic, please make sure your gps device has enough battery life to last until the end of the ride. Many riders use external batteries to ensure their device records the entire ride. If you are a Strava user, you can also join our Strava club which provides easy access for the RBA for brevet validation

Start & Finish Location Just behind the Chevron/Top Stop, 1095 S 500 W, Brigham City, UT. It is approx. 1.5 miles east of exit 362 (US-91), off I-15, across the street from Walmart, at the NE corner of US-91 and 775 West. Park on Westland Drive, NE or behind the Chevron. This c-store is open 24/7. Please park beyond the businesses (Chevron, Dutch Bros)

Registration If possible, please register three days in advance so we have time to prepare the personalized brevet cards and cue sheets, but we always welcome walk-ins too!

Cue Sheet A detailed cue sheet and brevet card will be provided at check in. Do NOT rely on the online cue sheet as it may not be accurate. If you wish to preview the cue sheet, a PDF version can be e-mailed to you upon request, or one will be sent out to everyone on the Google E-Mail Group, about a week before the event date.

Support This will be a self-supported brevet. That means you will be getting your supply of fluids and extra food at convenience stores or cafes along the route. The trail boss will be riding with the group as a participant. Self-sufficiency is a must (bringing extra parts including a spare tire is recommended). There is no SAG, so you will be well advised to have a person to call in case you DNF and cannot ride home.

Motels The Howard Johnson is about 1/2 mile from the start is perhaps the least expensive in town or the Days Inn, near the interstate further west (both are Wyndham Hotel group). Right next to the start is the Best Western / Crystal Inn Hotel & Suites, 480 Westland Dr, 1-800-568-8520.

Sunrise/Sunset Approx. 06:12 / 20:37

If you have to abandon your ride, please call or text me, so I don’t wait for you at the finish.

Sanctioning See our “What is a Brevet?” page for more information on sanctioning.

Reminders This is primarily a self-supported event, so bring cash for stops at various convenience stores. Also have a pen in your bag in case the route requires answering an “Information Checkpoint.” The park opens at 9:00 a.m. so most riders will arrive sometime shortly after they open. If you arrive earlier, there are restrooms and potable water available 24/7.

Contact Ken Moss (Regional Brevet Administrator), mobile 801-833-2782, or

If You Are Late Please call me so I can arrange to leave you a cue sheet and brevet card. You can start up to an hour after the official start time, but subsequent checkpoint cut-off times will remain the same, as if you had started with everyone else. If you know in advance, or wake up Friday morning and decide not to ride, please let me know so I won’t worry about you at the start.

If You Cannot Make It If you pre-registered, but cannot make it, if it is the day before or day of, please text me, as I may not be checking e-mailing while on the road.