Las Vegas (100/200km)

Rando Roulette 100 — RWGPS Link — RUSA-sanctioned Populaire # 2020

104.1 km (64.7 miles) with 2,395 feet of climbing. Time limit: 6:56 or finish by 1:56 p.m.

The Dam Ride — RWGPS Link — ACP-sanctioned 200 km Brevet # 2030

203.2 km (126.2 miles) with 7,193 feet of climbing.
This 200K travels into the states of Nevada and Arizona.
Time limit: 13:30 or finish by 8:30 p.m.

Advance registration is REQUIRED for these two brevets…

…if the forecast is gale-force winds (common in Vegas) or pouring rain, this brevet may be cancelled. Or if too few riders register, it may be cancelled.
If possible, please register three days in advance so we have time to prepare the personalized brevet cards and cue sheets, but we always welcome walk-ins too (assuming it is not cancelled)!

Start Time Check in will be at 6:30 a.m. with a group start promptly at 7:00 a.m., Pacific Time Zone, not MDT.

Start & Finish Location Parking lot south of McDonalds, 1195 E Sahara Ave, Las Vegas (SW corner of Sahara Ave & Maryland Pkwy). Take exit 40 off I-15 (exit is near the Stratosphere) & go east about two miles on Sahara Ave.

Introduction These two routes start right and go right down the strip (we will start when it is dark and has less traffic). The routes then heads west, making the classic Blue Diamond loop climb. They then circle around through south Las Vegas. Both routes share the same route for the first 48.6 miles before they split up. The 100K then returns to the start point. The 200k goes through Boulder City and out and drops down and across Hoover Dam, before finally returning to Las Vegas. Because of potentially gnarly traffic on the strip (no shoulder) we offer an alternative “detour route” for the first 11 miles. (The detour route is a tad longer, so your mileage will be off for the rest of the ride.)

Also, there can be some tourist traffic near the dam (along the switchbacks) — typically the pace is slow, as through-traffic now goes on the new bypass bridge that crosses the Colorado River some 900 feet above the river (it is the highest and longest arched concrete bridge in the Western Hemisphere).

Warnings! 1) The 200K route has a significant amount of climbing. Towards the end of this ride, the services are sometimes 30-35 miles apart. Come prepared with extra water and bring lighting. 2) The 200K travels on several bike paths, which can be very confusing. Prior to the ride, we highly advise that you study a zoomed in satellite view of the RWGPS link, viewing the four brown “i” or information points.

Cue Sheet A detailed cue sheet and brevet card will be provided at check in. Do NOT rely on the online cue sheet as it may not be accurate. If you wish to preview the cue sheet, a PDF or OpenOffice (similar to Excel) version can be e-mailed to you upon request, or one will be sent out to everyone on the Google E-Mail Group, about a week before the event date.
These routes have a lot of turns, consequently, we recommend that you use a GPS that will give you turn-by-turn guidance (in addition to the printed cue sheet).

Lighting This route purposely starts at dawn, to avoid traffic on the strip and because it is SO MUCH cooler to see the lights then, rather than in daylight. Those doing the 200K will more than likely need lighting gear (unless you can finish a 7K vertical/200K in under 9.5 hours) which includes: 1) a front light; 2) a rear tail red light; 3) a reflective vest or sash and 4) reflective ankle bands. Be advised to bring back-ups for each light too. There will be an inspection at the start line to insure you have everything (if you arrive at the finish after dark without appropriate lighting and clothing you may be DQed— see our rules page for more info on this topic).

Support This will be a self-supported brevet. That means you will be getting your supply of fluids and extra food at convenience stores or cafes along the route. I will be riding with the group as a participant. Self-sufficiency is a must (bringing extra parts including a spare tire is recommended). There is no SAG, so you will be well advised to have a person to call in case you DNF and cannot ride home.

If you have to abandon the brevet, please call or text me, so I don’t wait for you at the finish.

Sanctioning See our “What is a Brevet?” page for more information on sanctioning.

Sunrise/Sunset 06:24 / 17:25

Reminders This is primarily a self-supported event, so bring cash for stops at various convenience stores. Also have a pen in your bag in case the route requires answering an “Information Checkpoint.”

Contact Richard Stum (Regional Brevet Administrator), office 435 – 462 – 2266, mobile 435 – 851 – 9558, or

If You Are Late Please call me so I can arrange to leave you a cue sheet and brevet card. You can start up to an hour after the official start time, but subsequent checkpoint cut-off times will remain the same, as if you had started with everyone else. If you know in advance, or wake up Friday morning and decide not to ride, please let me know so I won’t worry about you at the start.

If You Cannot Make It If you pre-registered, but cannot make it, if it is the day before or day of, please text me, as I may not be checking e-mailing while on the road.