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Summary of our Brevet Series
Unless otherwise stated, all routes 200K or longer are ACP-sanctioned (required to ride PBP).
All routes start and end at the same point — we do not offer any one-way brevets.
All brevets will be self-supported (unless we get some last-minute volunteers [i.e. friends or spouse of a rider] to provide minimal “neutral, roving” support). There is no SAG.

  • March 21 (Sat.) — Zion  Natl Park
    Choose from either 100K or 200K (62 or 125 mile) routes. Both start just north of St. George in southern Utah, and goes up to the end of the road in Zion National Park and returns. The routes are shared, so all riders stay together for the first half of the 200.
  • April 11 (Sat.) — Willard Bay & Beyond (100 or 200km)
    This flat 62- or 125-miler is an out and back route that starts in Centerville (north of Salt Lake) and goes through Brigham City and ends in the small town of Corrine, before returning. The routes are shared, so all riders stay together for the first half of the 200.
  • April 25 (Sat.) — Nebo Gallivant (200 [RUSA-sanctioned] or 300km [ACP-sanctioned]) New for 2015!
    These figure 8 routes go from Nephi up to Sanpete County and then out to the west desert and/or north near the southern tip of Utah Lake. Mount Nebo is in view during most of these routes. The routes are shared, so all riders stay together for the first half of the 300.
  • May 9 (Sat.) — Great Basin Series (100, 200 or 400km), shared routes. New for 2015!
    Backroads of the Great Basin 100
    Oquirrh Joker
    6-Valley Tour
    Starting in Saratoga Springs, the 200 & 400K routes make a big clock-wise loop around the Oquirrh Mountains, just west of Salt Lake City, finally returning back to Saratoga Springs. The 6-Valley Tour makes an additional 200K counter-clockwise loop around Utah Lake. Because of the figure 8 shape, the 400K route allows resupply from your car at the half way point. The 400K also makes the gradual climb to the end of Hobble Creek Canyon, just east of Springville.
    *The six valleys include: Cedar, Rush, Tooele, Salt Lake, Goshen & Utah Valleys.
  • May 22 (Fri–Sat.) —Yuba Res Series, all shared routes.
    The first 407K of the 600K route IS the Double Loop Four 400K brevet as it heads south through central Utah to Junction and Richfield. For the 600K, riders take in a loop around Utah Lake. This route combines three Permanents including Yuba Res ExpressRock Candy Rumble and finally Ultimate ULCER.
    Yuba Res 300
    Double Loop 400
    Triple Loop 600
  • June 8 (Mon-Thu) — Red Rock Randonnée Series: New for 2015, covering two states: Utah & Arizona!
    Starting in Kanab (in southern Utah near the Arizona border), this new series makes a big loop in a clockwise direction through Cedar City, Panguitch and back down US-89 to Kanab. They travel into both Utah and Arizona. The 600 and 1000K have significant climbing.
    The 400K is similar to Lonnie Wolffe’s Hurricane 400K. Unlike the 600 & 1000K, it bypasses the national parks though.
    – The 600K goes deep into Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon with an overnight stop in Panguitch Utah. Lots of climbing on this route.
    – The 1000K and 600K brevets share the same route through day one and on part of day two. The 1000K’s second and third overnights are back in Kanab. Additionally, it takes you to the north rim of the Grand Canyon. Plenty of climbing, so come prepared! We will offer a 220K permanent that can be “tacked” on to the tail end of the 1000K, for those want a 1200K experience.
  • July 10 (Fri.–Sat.) — Raspberry Ramble Series (300, 400 or 600km)
    These routes start in Logan, the heart of beautiful Cache Valley. All three of these brevets start out together (with the same start time) via the LoToJa route, traveling up and over the Strawberry summit and into southern Idaho. The 400 and 600K go around Bear Lake (hence the name Raspberry, as this area is noted for their famous raspberry shakes). The 600K, after an overnight stop back in Logan, will also make a 200K loop out to Golden Spike Historic National Monument before finally returning home. Cache Valley is also home to the largest all female ride in America, Little Red Riding Hood, held each June.
  • August 22 (Sat.) — Heber Valley Series (200 or 300km). RUSA-sanctioned events.
    Heber Valley is a high hanging valley behind gorgeous Mount Timpanogos. It is an ideal location to escape the heat of the Wasatch Front during the hot summer months. Both of these routes have a fair amount of climbing, especially the 300K.
    – The 200K is  new route and will follow the 300K route for about 32 miles, before it heads north towards Oakley and Coalville, before returning back to Heber City.
    – The 300K will be the Mirror Lake Classic, which starts in Heber City and goes up and over Baldy Pass to Evanston Wyoming and then back through some quiet roads down through Coalville and back. This route has about 8 miles of packed dirt and has tons of climbing, including the pass, which over 10,000 feet.

These events are co-sponsored by Bonneville Cycling Club in Salt Lake City (BCC) and sanctioned by RUSA and ACP.

Also of note, there are several 1200k’s scheduled for this year outside of Utah.

Many thanks for our sponsors who have provided us with goodies and samples for each rider on these events:


Hammer Nutrition




eoGEAR (my roadie gear site)



elete Electrolytes





Chamois Butt’



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