2019 Schedule is Up

The 2019 randonneuring season is just around the corner. The big deal for 2019 is Paris Brest Paris, so a lot of riders around the world will be focused on qualifying and preparing to ride Paris in August. Here’s a preview of our rides for the season:

Date Ride Distance (km)
March 16 Zion / St George 100/200
April 20 Willard Bay and Beyond / Centerville 100/200
May 4 Pony Express Gravel / Delta 100/200 (gravel)
May 11 FrontRunner /Salt Lake City 100/200
May 25 Wasatch Back / North Salt Lake 100/200/300
June 8 Double Loop /Nephi 200/400
June 14 6-Valley Tour / Lehi (night start) 400/600
June 28 Raspberry Ramble / Logan 300/400/600
July 20 Mirror Lake Classic / Heber City 200/300
August 10 Metro Salt Lake Series 100/200
August 18 Paris Brest Paris 1200
August 24 TBD 200/300
Sept 7 TBD 200/300

A lot of classic Utah brevets are on the calendar for this year, plus a few new twists.  Our traditional season opener, the Zion National Park 100/200k, promises warm weather in March and a chance to ride thru Zion Canyon. Northern Utah rides start with Willard Bay and Beyond 100/200k followed by the Pony Express Gravel Grinder in the west desert. For those looking for experience riding thru the night, the 6 Valley Tour has a 6 PM start which will be good practice for PBP.  After the Raspberry Ramble at the end of June, the Mirror Lake Classic in July gives riders a chance to climb at high altitude.

For those working on their RUSA R-12 award, the calendar has a 200k every month from March thru September.  For those working to qualify for PBP, at least two rides of each required distance are available before the PBP qualifier deadline. And SLR will continue the tradition of awarding a SLR jersey to any rider who completes their very first Super Randonneur Series with the Salt Lake club.

If you have never ridden further than 100 miles and would like to try it out, SLR provides a great opportunity to see how far you can go while being mentored and encouraged by experienced randonneurs. Distances are long enough, and riding groups are small enough, to form strong friendships with fellow riders.  Camaraderie has always been a hallmark of randonneuring, I encourage you to come join us this year!  Please join our google group for more information, feel free to ask questions! If there are any rides you’d like to see added, let’s chat about it and we can make it happen.

This page may not be kept updated throughout the season, please see the google sheet for official ride information and results.

(This page was authored by Ken Moss…thanks!)