2017 Registration Open

Registration is now open for this year’s brevet season. If possible, please sign up several days in advance, as I sometimes need to print out the brevet cards and cue sheets a week ahead of time, so I can mail them to a designated trail boss. But don’t worry about any event selling out. That is

New for 2016—Dirt Road Randonneuring

SLR Adventure Series Dirt Road Randonnees Salt Lake Randonneurs introduce new Dirt Road Randonnee Series (text & route design my Kenneth Samuel) Inspired by the San Francisco Randonneurs Adventure Series, SLR is pleased to introduce two new rides this year: the Monte Cristo Dirt Road Randonnee (7/16) and the Heber Mountain Dirt Road Randonnee (8/13).  These rides both feature: High

New Facebook Group

In the past I have posted photos and trip reports on our blog page. But it is a ton of work uploading photos, sizing & saving them, and writing captions etc. So future trip reports and possibly many news items, will be posted on our newly created Facebook Group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/saltlakerandos/) (you must have a Facebook

Dan Tuchyner Achievements

As we close out another year, I wanted to recognize Dan Tuchyner of South Weber. He achieved two notable awards this past randonneuring season— In August, he finished his first R-12. He completed at least one 200km brevet or permanent each month of the preceding year. I wonder how many cases of frostbite it “got”

Bicycle Barnstorming Tour

Although not sponsored by the SLR, this activity takes place in my backyard….FYI. ### The Bicycle Barnstorming Tour is coming your way! Join us in the evening for dinner and entertainment   Be on the lookout for cyclists admiring historic barns as they pedal the highways, back roads and byways of Sevier and Sanpete counties

Willard Bay Brevet Questions & Answers

I have received a few e-mails regarding this weekends events. Here’s the scoop: On that day and location there will be two events that depart at 9 a.m.: 1. A 200K (125 mile) brevet. Pre-registration is appreciated and will save you $5.00. 2. A shorter BCC ride(s), which I believe is about 90 miles and