COVID-19 Precautions

2021 (March) Update: We are now open again with the following recommended precautions in play (exceptions would be regarding members of your own household): Avoid carpooling Don’t share hotel rooms (as is commonly done on these rides) Ride in small groups or solo (not a problem since we rarely get more than six or 10

2019 Schedule is Up

The 2019 randonneuring season is just around the corner. The big deal for 2019 is Paris Brest Paris, so a lot of riders around the world will be focused on qualifying and preparing to ride Paris in August. Here’s a preview of our rides for the season: Date Ride Distance (km) March 16 Zion /

2017 Registration Open

Registration is now open for this year’s brevet season. If possible, please sign up several days in advance, as I sometimes need to print out the brevet cards and cue sheets a week ahead of time, so I can mail them to a designated trail boss. But don’t worry about any event selling out. That is

New for 2016—Dirt Road Randonneuring

SLR Adventure Series Dirt Road Randonnees Salt Lake Randonneurs introduce new Dirt Road Randonnee Series (text & route design my Kenneth Samuel) Inspired by the San Francisco Randonneurs Adventure Series, SLR is pleased to introduce two new rides this year: the Monte Cristo Dirt Road Randonnee (7/16) and the Heber Mountain Dirt Road Randonnee (8/13).  These rides both feature: High