Willard Bay Results

Thanks everybody for riding in the Willard Bay & Beyond brevet yesterday. We had great weather and a great turnout, with 17 riders starting the 200k and 6 starting the 100k. Results are now posted here, and have been submitted to RUSA where the results should be available in a few days. Congratulations to Andrea,

Willard Bay Routes updated

After a lot of route scouting to find a good route thru the West Side Highway construction, the Willard Bay routes have been finalized for our 2024 brevets on April 20. There are a lot of really great new bike paths along the new highway, but this year those are still too patchy to use,

2024 Brevet Schedule

Our event calendar for 2024 will be: Date Ride Name Distances 4/20 Willard Bay and Beyond 100k/200k 5/11 Wasatch Front/Antelope Island 100k/200k/300k 6/1 Yuba Res & Double Loop 200k/300k/400k 6/14 Raspberry Ramble 300k/400k/600k 2024 Schedule Click here to see the 2024 calendar, roster and results in a spreadsheet format (be sure to click on the

New RUSA Awards

RUSA has launched two new awards which members should find highly challenging and motivating. The RUSA Cup is earned by completing all the types of RUSA events, and riding 5000km in total RUSA events, within two years. You must complete a 200k, 300k, 400k, 600k, and 1000k brevet, a 1200k-or-longer grand randonnée, a RUSA team