2103 Double Loop 400K Report

On June the 1st we had our first 400K of the season. It is called the Double Loop 400 because it is a big figure-8, covering 400km (250 miles) of terrain.
Three of us rode, including myself, Dan Tuchyner from the Salt Lake area and Bob Owen from Saint George. We started in rather cold temperatures, hovering around the freezing mark. Anticipating warming temperatures and no rain in the forecast, I was underdressed and suffered during the first 90 minutes. We arrived together at our first checkpoint in Scipio after riding along the shore of Yuba Reservoir.

After a “c-store” breakfast Scipio, we started the long, but gradual climb up Highway 50. I had my first flat near the summit (I was trying to “use up” an older pair of tires on this ride…live and learn). From there we made a descent into Sigurd, where a 2,000-foot climb awaited us. It was mid-morning and it was beginning to heat up so we took it at a moderate pace. Following that climb we descended and then hit some rollers before the next checkpoint. During the rollers I had another flat, but my pump was not working properly and I had already used my only CO2. I didn’t want to use Dan’s CO2, so I sent him ahead to see if he could catch Bob, who had a frame pump. I was finally able to get about 50 PSI into my 25c tire and proceeded to the next checkpoint, where I finally got my pump going again.

From the Koosharem checkpoint, where we all had a brunch at the local cafe, we worked a paceline and stayed together the rest of the day, with 10 (perhaps 15 MPH) headwinds and some cross winds.

We pulled into Richfield, the largest city on our ride and had supper at a local sandwich shop. The sun was just setting as we headed north towards Salina and finally Gunnison before making it back to our cars at about 2:00 a.m. All in all, the route was nice with little traffic and a decent shoulder on the nighttime portions with little traffic lights and no routefinding issues.



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  1. Thanks for letting me draft the whole ride. I was dead after doing a hard 600K the week before. I would have been at least a couple of hours slower by myself.

    Congrats on your great time on the GRR!


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