Raspberry Ramble Series (300/400/600km)


Raspberry Ramble 300 — RWGPS Link — ACP-Sanctioned 300km Brevet 

300.8 km (187 miles) with 7,573 feet of gain.
Time limit: 20 hours, or finish by 02:30 the following morning. Route # 1398.

300K Start Time Check in/bike inspection at 06:00 a.m., and then depart at 06:30 sharp. If you did not preregister, please come 30 minutes early and pay with a check (or exact change in cash). These events will be held rain or shine.

Raspberry Ramble 400 — RWGPS Link — ACP-Sanctioned 400km Brevet
PREREGISTRATION IS MANDATORY — this event may be cancelled if fewer than three sign up.

418.4 km (260 miles) with 8,882 feet of gain.
Time limit: 27 hours or, or finish by 8:00 a.m. the following morning. Route # 1399.

Raspberry Ramble 600 — RWGPS Link — ACP-Sanctioned 600km Brevet
PREREGISTRATION IS MANDATORY — this event may be cancelled if fewer than three sign up.

605.2 km (376.1 miles) with 12,588 feet of gain.
Time limit: 40 hours or finish by 9:00 p.m. the following evening. Route # 1402.

400K & 600K Start Time Check in/bike inspection at 04:30, and then depart at 05:00 sharp. If you did not preregister, please come 30 minutes early and pay with a check (or exact change in cash). These events will be held rain or shine.

Introduction The 600K is one of the easier 600s in the Western U.S. due to the modest amount of climbing and typical good weather conditions. All three routes begin in Logan in northern Utah and partially following the popular LoToJa race route (at 208 miles, it is the longest sanctioned road race in the U.S.). Early on the first day we tackle the gradual climb up Strawberry Canyon, which tops out at 7,438 feet — it is the high point of all three brevets. All three distances share the same route for the first 72 miles and then the 300K rides split from the rest. The two longer routes then make a loop around scenic Bear Lake and head north to rural Soda Springs Idaho before returning to Logan. The 400K and 600K brevets are identical for the first 400 km, at which point the 600K riders get an (optional) sleep break before making the final 200 km loop out to Golden Spike National Historic site, west of Brigham City.
The Bear Lake area is noted for it’s near-ideal raspberry climate and “world famous raspberry shakes,” hence the name “Raspberry Ramble.”

Start & Finish Location Super 8 Motel at 865 South Main St, Logan, Utah 84321. Tel 435-753-8883. For 2016 and 2017 we couldn’t get much of a group discount, but if you are a Wyndham Rewards member (free), you can get a discount equal or better than our group rates in the past.

Cue Sheet A detailed cue sheet and brevet card will be provided at check in. Do NOT rely on the online cue sheet as it may not be accurate. If you wish to preview the cue sheet, a PDF version can be e-mailed to you upon request, or one will be sent out to everyone on the Google E-Mail Group, about a week before the event date.

Registration If possible, please register three days in advance so we have time to prepare the personalized brevet cards and cue sheets.

If you register for the 600km brevet, but end up abandoning after 418 km (which is at the overnight stop), you will not be credited for finishing the 400K. Instead you will receive a DNF.

Support This will be a self-supported brevet. That means you will be getting your supply of fluids and extra food at convenience stores or cafes along the route. I will be riding with the group as a participant. Self-sufficiency is a must (bringing extra parts including a spare tire is recommended). There is no SAG, so you will be well advised to have a person to call in case you DNF and cannot ride home.

If you have to abandon the brevet, please call or text me, so I don’t wait for you at the finish.

Sanctioning See our “What is a Brevet?” page for more information on sanctioning.

Sun Data (approx. for July) Begin civil twilight 5:30 a.m., Sunrise 6:04 a.m., Sunset 9:02 p.m., End civil twilight 9:35 p.m.

Reminders This is primarily a self-supported event, so bring cash for stops at various convenience stores. Also have a pen in your bag in case the route requires answering an “Information Checkpoint.”

Why a Friday Start? This is allow cyclists to participate in such an event, without running into a “sabbath day observance” conflict. We are conforming with the logic of most of the ultrarunning events in Utah and Idaho, which have switched over from a Saturday-Sunday schedule to a Friday-Saturday schedule. This is to allow the majority population in Utah, which are of the LDS faith, to not feel compelled to participate in outdoor events on Sunday.

Contact Richard Stum (Regional Brevet Administrator), office 435 – 462 – 2266, mobile 435 – 851 – 9558, or Richard@eogear.com

If You Are Late Please call me so I can arrange to leave you a cue sheet and brevet card. You can start up to an hour after the official start time, but subsequent checkpoint cut-off times will remain the same, as if you had started with everyone else. If you know in advance, or wake up Friday morning and decide not to ride, please let me know so I won’t worry about you at the start.